Clandestinø provides quality, distinction and independence.

Secretly produced by Portuguese artisans, clandestinø is designed for people who live on easier way, spontaneouslly, with is own style. Established in 2012, located on Porto, Portugal, strives to stimulate the creative soul without geographic restrictions. The essence of the shoe is centered on the crossing of the traditional Portuguese shoemaker's craft and the inspiration of different cultures and contemporary life with the aim of creating a singular aesthetic shoe.

In 2012, a decade later he founded Clandestinø and work in collaboration with Portuguese stores Eureka.

In 2017 the Clandestinø brand opens its online store in order to provide quality products made in Portugual to our valuable customers.

Still this year the route Europe »United Arab Emirates» Japan »Mexico was finalized.

Clandestinø offers timeless products that cross the tradition with the sophisticated contemporany of the nowadays shoe.